Feet & Ankles

The ankle joint withstands more pressure than any other joint in the human body. Some common causes of ankle pain are sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and fractures.

Our lead foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Joel Stewart offers a variety of treatments to help you reduce the pain and discomfort associated with injuries or conditions afflicting the feet and ankles such as physical therapy, shoe orthotics, braces, or steroid injections. If pain persists despite these measures, surgery may be able to correct the underlying problem.

It is important to remember that unless the foot is painful, surgery is rarely required. If surgery is necessary most procedures can be done on a day surgery basis. Many surgeries will require 1-2 months of wearing a cast or removable walking boot, which is followed by a period of strengthening with physical therapy.

Surgical treatment usually follows failure of non-surgical care and involves reconstruction. Repair of soft tissues includes tendon transfer and tendon resuturing, as well as ligament repair and stabilization. Repair of bony defects or bone damage may involve joint replacement, reconstruction, osteotomy, or grafts for fusion.

Some common painful conditions that can be improved with surgery include: